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Question on installing 3.4 camshafts

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Is it ok to pull the exhaust cam down into the saddles by torquing the cap bolts down? I am getting pretty frustrated with this head gasket job,
I've been all over YouTube and online and I can totally understand every thing about the two dots to two dots on the right side and one dot to one dot on left side,
The videos I have seen don't really show the people getting the cam to sit all the way down before tighting the caps they just kinda move past that step and make it seem so simple, they don't even really talk about it being much of a problem, I am wondering if they pull the cam down with the caps,
Is it ok to do that?
I have tried different methods of linning the dots up and then rolling exhaust cam down over intake cam gear and it just will not sit down all the way down, I have about had it with this freaking thing,
To me it seems impossible to get the exhaust cam down with out force, (what's the trick)
Thanks for any help
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Never use force!
Good thread ,worth the read.
Thank you for your response, yes that is one of the post that I was talking about that I have read and tried, I am going to give it another try even though I've already tried it three or four times, I am thinking I might run down to one of these shops that are local here and ask them what they do, I cannot believe this s*** because I am actually a mechanic and it is freaking pissing me off, I work on bigger stuff as I am a diesel mechanic but the stuff really isn't any different.
Thanks again, Doug
I totally get it. I was a auto mechanic now a wrench turner for the airlines. If ya get any answers let us know!
The write up that the person wrote up is so clear that I must be doing something wrong, but I don't see what I could be doing wrong, maybe this coming up weekend I will get the other head on and try that side and see what happens. maybe one of the lifter buckets or whatever they are called is sticking up a little bit for some reason,
I have a feeling your gonna resolve the issue and not even know how you did it. Things will just fall into place!
I know I've done that more than once and someone would ask, "so how'd ya fix it" I couldn't tell'em one way or another.
Just in case you haven't already seen this video about installing cams. This guy has an entire series about head replacement.

Thanks, yep I seen as he has the intake cam in and all touqued down he has the exhaust cam and is moving it into position and all the all the sudden it is right in position with no trouble at all it's like any finagling or munipulation of the cam into place is not shown at all it just all the sudden appears to be in place,

Between work and a lot of other things I have going on I haven't been able to get back working on it, I need to get the other head on and see how those cams go, I am going try to get to it with in this week.
Thanks, Doug
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Well I ended up getting the cams in on the first head/ the right side,
On the link where the guy says to have the two dots on the cam gears just about straight up and pretty much inlign with spark plug tubes is what I found I had to do different, instead of at about the 12 o clock position for both cams I put the intake gear dots at about 1:30 and the exhaust gear dots at about 10:30, I still had a little trouble but at least doing that change I was able to get them, in other words the gear dots were like the tips of the letter V= the EXHAUST pointing to left and INTAKE pointing to the right looking from front of eng at the dots I put on the gears on front side of gears,
I had to use a wrench on the cam and kind of move the cams back and fourth until I found the sweet spot where the cam bearing caps sat over the cam and flat on head with no rocking.
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