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Hi, my girl friend bought a 73 Hilux, thats going to need some work. As of today I just got the old 18 R-C motor running, but it definatly won't stay in there for too long. I was thinking of a motor to swap in there since its smog exempt. My first instict was to put a 22r motor in there, simple, easy to mod, etc. But I own a 90 5.0 Mustang, which I'm addicted to, and now I have the idea of swapping a 302 SBF into her 73 Hilux.

My main reason I think this is possible is that my father put a 289 in his old 71 Currier, which is about teh same size as her Toyota. Not only that but I have a pair of his old 302 Currier headers that would more than likely work on the Hilux.

What do you guys think? and is there anything I should consider before getting into this?
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