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Question on Stock Audio

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I have a 2004 toyota camry LE and i was wondering how much it would cost for the navigation system and JBL system would cost?

Also i would like to know how many watts the Camry Stock system puts (not the jbl system)
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You are looking at least $2k WITHOUT installation. The stock non-JBL headunit probably puts out about 14-15 watts RMS.
it sounds like it puts out more then that. Anyway i was also wondering if their were extra rca's wires there for me to add a bazooka.
It sounds louder because 1) more speakers with probably high sensitivity, and 2) lower impedance on speakers. If the bazooka accepts speaker-level inputs, you can just tap the signals off the rear left speakers. Otherwise, you'll have to get a high-to-low converter (speaker-level to RCA-level).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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