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Question: Posi or Semi-Posi?

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Hey guys, quick question. Does the Toyota Taco 4x2 have a Posi-traction or a semi-Posi-traction drive?

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You can get a Mechanical (Clutch Type) Limited Slip Differential with the Tacoma but it's an opion you have to specifically choose. Normally the 4x2 Tacoma just has an Open Differential unless you get the TRD Sport or TRD Off-Road packages which come with a Mech LSD or an E-Locker respectively. You can get an LSD on a non-TRD vehicle (I got one on my SR5 DCab) but normally you have to order the truck custom with it from the factory. I got lucky they had a SR5 on the lot with a LSD which is pretty rare.

I hope this answers your question as I didn't know exactly what you meant by Positraction and Semi-positraction.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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