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I have a 2000 Landcruiser and recently while away the engine lights came on. I went to the nearest station.. The mechanic ran a vehicle diagnostic report. It showed that cylinder #7 was mis-firing and that my 02 sensor was going. He replaced the cylinder at a total cost of 365. I was able to get home safely, it was a 100 mile drive. He told me to take and have car checked out completely when home and then have 02 sensor replaced.
I then took vehicle to Toyota, knowing it was also due for some major service. It has 92,000 miles on it. I think they wound up pratically rebuiding my truck because I walked out 4000 poorer. They replaced 2 coils, bank 1 sensor, timing belt, water pump, etc....
Anyway, when I picked up truck they told me they replaced cylinders # 1 and #7. I told them #7 had just been replaced. They guy behind the counter became very uncomfortable and could not look me in the eye, he told me he would check with his mechanic and call me. He called me and I went back. They handed me a part and told me it was defective. He told me sometimes this happens, that parts go bad. I said in three days? And I was able to get home from vacation with that part. He also pulled up the vehicle diagnostic report which showed the 02 sensor and cylinder 7 misfire. It also had a Y int he freeze frame section next to these two items. All other freeze frame had a N. My question... as I do not trust the Toyota dealer... Do you think there is a chance the first mechanic did not re-set the code and freeze frame data knowing I was going to take it to the dealer when I got home? Did the dealer replace a good part? Any feedback would be appreciated. I have spoken with the first mechanic and he thinks something is fishy.

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Cannot speak for all Toyota dealers or dealers in general. Have experienced, seen and heard of many car owners who in my opinion were overcharged, had work done which was not required, charged for work that should have been done under warranty, etc.

It not uncommon for a car owner to go into any service shop, (not limited to Toyota) for one repair then be presented a service sheet stating a host of repairs are needed.

Perhaps all the work on your car was needed I don’t know without more info. Yet this type of inflated repairs, going in for one issue and having a host of other repairs done, sounds typical of how service shops operate.

As to the coil, if you have the old part you can have it tested. Suggest taking it back to the first mechanic who might be interested in what took place. Under law you are supposed to get the old parts back if you want them.

I would appeal to the service manager and dealer owner about this. You did spend $4K already; it is not like you are attempting to nickel and dime the dealer on repairs. If there is no success and you wish to pursue the issue contact Toyota customer service.

In all these dealings be polite but firm. It does not good to PO the dealer!! Your stance is you just had a same part replaced a few days ago by a competent mechanic.

The reason you want to the dealer was because the mechanic suggested it. This is not an unreasonable inquiry. Don’t accuse the shop of changing out a good part or you may put them in a bind. Give then an exit on this by allowing them to gracefully refund the cost of the part and installation costs for this part that was still brand new.

Check with the first mechanic, ask him if he cleared the codes. If the codes were clear they would not show up again unless there was a problem. Did you ever state to the second shop that the #7 coil was worked on or that there was any reason to think there a problem with the coil. If not and the shop zeroed in on the #7 coil, there still may have been an issue.

One other issue is making sure the first mechanic did indeed replace the part. These days one never knows, sad, but true.

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The odds of two coils going at once are very low. The codes will stay in memory, without illuminating the MIL if not cleared. I think you may have got scammed. Like mentioned above, be polite and firm and state your case. Good luck to you!
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