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We purchased a 2015 Sienna XLE one year ago from a well-established Toyota dealership. We got a good price; the dealer treated us well. At the time of purchase, we thought we might trade in the Sienna in 3 years on a used Toyota-certified Avalon for our retirement. Consequently, since purchasing the minivan, I check this dealer's web site regularly. About 6 months ago, I noted that they no longer advertised any Toyota-certified used cars, whereas during the preceding 6 months, they offered quite a few, along with their own dealer-certified cars. Now they advertise only their dealer-certified cars, which are not as extensively covered and must be serviced at the dealership. Other nearby Washington State dealers continue to offer Toyota-certified used cars--all 10 that I checked, in fact--so the program is still available in the area.

I would have thought dealers would want to participate in some certification program at the corporate level. I can call and ask, I know. But I thought I'd like to research the situation a little before doing so. Is the certification program costly for a dealership, so much so that a dealer might think he can be more profitable without it? Can a dealer fall out of favor with the corporation and not be allowed to participate?

Any thoughts?

(My apologies if this is isn't the appropriate forum in which to post this.)
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