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questions about tpms and aftermarket wheels

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how important is it to switch the sensors from the stock wheels to the new ones? and what all is involved with the procedure?
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You need the TPMS or else you'll get an annoying light that will stay on in you dash. Whatever shop you get your new tires and wheels installed should know this information. It doesn't take long. They'll just push down on the tire of your stocks to where they have enough room to take "OFF" the TPMS on your stocks and transfer it to the new wheels.
I would recommend not to switch your tpms from stocks if you don't mind a light on dashboard. It won't do any damage. And you still will have your stock wheels perfectly balanced in case if you need to switch them. Just my 2 c.
TPMS is not really needed if you don't mind the light always being on.
The light will be on occassionally, not all the time.

For more info, use the Search function to locate the numerous threads on TPMS during the last 22 months.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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