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Quick 06 Corolla ?

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Is it possible to take off the black side moldings off a CE and will it leave any marks? Please let me know !:)

Also, is it easy to buy a factory Spoiler and install it?
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Well im not sure about the side moldings, but i put my factory spoiler on my 07, its the same as yours. I bought mine on ebay, but beware, most do not come with a templete, u will need this so u can find out where to drill your holes. And make sure your templete line up with your spoiler. U can go to the dealer and they will have them, its just a piece of paper with the outline and drill marks on it.
As for the mouldings they should only be stick ons. Get a hairdryer a plastic putty knife and go to town. Use some mineral spirits to clean the paint afterwords. then Wax if you have the time.
definitely wash and wax when done. Be wary though, some owners have experienced a door or 2 having a different paint shade under the molding
you got an 06 so I don't think you would have a different shade because it haven't being under the sun for too long. but a lot of people did remove the side molding and i think I will do it too this summer
wait for a hot sunny day. that's when I took mine off... no clean up needed. It came off clean.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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