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I bought a used 2014 Corolla LE w/ CTV and it has 21K on the clock. I'm new to 4 cylinders as I used to have a v6 pushrod engine in my old car.

My two questions are (and yes I have tried searching for one of these endlessly and it bugs me)

Is this engine suppose to have a weird, almost like valve lash sound, or like a repeated clack you can hear inside and outside of the car the matches the rev range as you accelerate. Like it sounds like there is a particular repeated pattern of clacking that is louder then the rest of the valve train, and I'm fairly certain is coming from there. I kinda noticed the same clacking on my roommates XB but that's a "different" engine and its from 2011 or so. before dual VVT-I. It doesn't sound like grinding, more of a hollow but definitely metallic clack

Also in Neutral is the engine normally shaky and vibrate the car around 3K RPM, or could that be related to the problem I am hearing above?

Also today drove it around more. Its kinda like a fluttery metal noise if I have the door open or standing outside. Inside with the door closed its more metallic.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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