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Quick questions on 2005 Celica GT

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I just bought my first car which ended up being an 05 Celica GT with 53k miles. So far I love it except for a few "annoyances"

1. When I lock and unlock the doors, there is no "beep" or "chirp" sound. I have to look for the lights. Is there any way this can be enabled again? Can anybody with a similar vehicle confirm that the Celica does in fact have a lock/unlock sound.

2. I am wondering if I have a factory installed anti-theft device. How do I tell? I have a panic button on my OEM remote and that does work when I hit it.

3. Could anybody please tell me what type of tires they have on their car or what are good tires to buy. My current tires are 5 years old at 60% but are extremely loud. I am planning on replacing them just because of their noise.

4. I wanted to add the OEM auto dimming mirrors which include the compass and temperature display. I do have a factory installed cruise control so is it as simple as plugging in a wire? Anybody want to trade for a regular mirror and some cash for one?

5. Performance wise, this car isn't that great. Acceleration is mediocre at best. Any quick suggestions to improve that? Something the average user can do. I know the internals of a car well but I can't work with engines for my life.

6. I wanted to connect an iPod dock to my factory sound system. My friend has a dock that basically shows what the ipod is playing with a second hit of the CD button. His dock though is so faded that we can't tell which one it is. Anybody know which one he might have or another one that'll do the same? I refuse to use the FM transmitters because of their terrible quality.

:DAny answers would help me out a lot. Thank you in advanced. :D
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1. There is a chirper on the factory alarm, but I can't remember the procedure for re-enabling it off the top of my head, but google can probably tell you.

2. You definitely have factory installed anti-theft if you've got the remote, if you've got a Toyota security indicator next to your window lock switch you've got the better one of the systems.

3. The Celica isn't going to be a quiet car in terms of road noise, but I would replace those tires based on age. I've got a nice pair of Bridgestone Potenzas on mine.

4. It's not going to be as simple as just plugging something in, you've got to run a few wires for power and the temperature sensor, but it's fairly simple. You can buy one new from Toyota in a kit, the part number is PT374-20030 (runs about $210 on I've got the install manual, which I'd be happy to scan for you if you need it.

5. There's not much you can do to make a GT faster, but your best bet for a little bump is to throw a cold air intake on it.

6. There are a few kits that allow you to connect an iPod to your factory radio that use the plug for the CD changer on the back of the radio. Search around for an auxiliary input adapter.
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Thanks iToaster, that helped me out a lot. I'll look into re-enabling the chirper on google. On your Celica, do the doors auto lock after a certian speed or time and does the car warn you if the seatbelt isn't put on with a sound rather than just a flashing light?
Not all came with the chirper, mine was an add-on done at the dealer level. look for something about the size of a film canister near the ECM box and batter under the hood wrapped in foam.

if its an automatic GT then don't really mess with trying to make it faster.
I'll look for the chirper tomorrow. As for making it go faster, I really only wanted better acceleration but after draining the tank of gas that came from the dealer and refilling it with regular, I saw a slight improvement in performance. I think it was just old gas.

The RS3200 security system is what my dads 2002 Camry has (I think, red activated LED, very sensitive to anything) Are they generic for any Toyota? I was thinking of installing it because it'd make my insurance cost go down.
I think if you have the keyless entry you have the alarm. here's a test, roll the window down, lock the car. unlock it from the inside and see if it goes off/won't start.
I tried to unlock it when the windows were open using the unlock button on the inside of the car. The button didn't do anything. If I flipped the lock on the door and opened it, it didn't sound any alarm. Do I have to wait a certain amount of time after I lock it for the alarm to enable itself?
is the remote a toyota remote? do you have a security light on the dash next to the steering wheel?
Sorry for not responding, I actually forgot about this thread.

Well I still didn't figure out about the lock chirp. I do have a Toyota keyless entry but I don't have a red LED anywhere inside my car. It looks like I don't have an alarm system but I don't think an alarm would have anything to do with a lock chirp would it?
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