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quick spark plug question

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Guys, I really need to finish up this ignition work today and the only ngk plugs I can find around here are the iridium, the vpower and the gpower. I can't seem to find anyone that has the oe platinum. Will any of these other choices work? A friend of mine recommended the v power. Will those work?

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get NGK #6097 (copper), safer than iridium
ryde, has it ... get the NGK coppers.
You can use NGK 6097's or the 5030's.
I woud recommend changing them every 3000 miles.
every 3k miles?wow thats pretty often.luckily they are easy to get to.;)
can you get these plugs anywhere?at the auto parts store?are they pre gapped?
I used to get mine. They shipped out pretty fast... but thats probably cause I'm in California. I couldn't get them from any auto parts stores.
i tend to change my plugs at least every spring time when the car comes out of storage...i use NGK coppers also...
I went ahead and went with the vpower because I needed to just finish it up. I will be ordering the copper ones soon though and probably replace in the spring just to be sure...
Most autoparts stores can order them.
Just make sure you order them by the part number, not by the car.

Every 3000 miles too much? ... I've changed plugs in Hyde at least 4 times in the last 2000 miles :D

This is the deal ... copper is the BEST connductor.
However, it wears fast.
If you have a mildly modded MR2 and want 10K miles out of your plugs ... go for the OEM platinums.
If you want the best spark you can ... go with the coppers.

At all costs, avoid the Bosch platinums! Worst plug for our cars ever.
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Yeah, my mechanic friend told me that he wouldn't put bosch platinums in a lawn mower let alone a boosted car...

I will pick up some coppers and go from there... Thanks JAH...
I am keeping this in the same thread because I don't want to clutter the board.

How in the hell do you get off the old coil to dizzy wire? I unsnapped the connector at the coil end and the jacket slid down the wire, but the wire itself seems super connected to the coil still. Anyone else have a problem with this?
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