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So I'm collecting parts to swap a 7MGTE into my 2WD '89 Toyota Pickup and have run into some big questions regarding transmissions that I'm having a hard time researching. Have been searching multiple forums, but I end up with a lot of tabs open with lots of dead links, since it seems the time to do this was 15 years ago.

Anyway, where I'm at right now is I have a the transmission, drive shaft, and axle for the '89-'95 V6 2wd (5 lug) Pickups (R150, G382) because I want to keep truck transmission ratios, or at least be able to swap rear housings to keep from cutting the transmission tunnel, and foolishly thought all the R transmission input shafts were the same.

My dilemma is I'm probably going to have to buy an Automatic Supra for the swap, which means I'll need at least a 7M to R15X Bellhousing, and 7MGTE flywheel. From pictures and research, it sounds like my '89-'95 R150's input shaft length is going to come up short.

So I've got this link:

Which says:
Pre 1995 R150\R151 = 6.5"
1995 up Toyota R series = 7.5"
87-92 Turbo Supra R154 = 7.25"

And this Wikipedia article:

Which says this about "late" R150's
"It came with two input shaft lengths pre- 2006 and 2006 and up (20mm longer)"

Which works out to be about 7.25" if 6.5" above is correct.


Can someone confirm the input shaft lengths of 95-04 Tacoma R150, and '05-'14 Tacoma R155's?


Can someone point me to a build thread where a 7MGTE was mated to a R15XF-something that has a similar input shaft length to either my early R150 or an 05+ R155 length transmission?


Can someone point me to a build thread with a 7MGTE was mated to another truck style transmission related to the R150?


P.S. Not interested in debating engine swap options.
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