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If you have an RA40 liftback then you can also use Supra tail lights.

Why do you want to tuck the wheels in?
Here in Australia it is illegal to reduce the front track for the very good reason that it reduces cornering power.
If it is because you want wider wheels that it makes more sense to flare the guards (fenders).

Or do you mean that you want to pull in the top of the strut towers to give some negative camber?
I've used the K-Mac camber adjustment strut top plate for the RA40 but it's not very strong (uses sheet steel which flexes).
Noltec make a nice camber adjustment plate out of thick alloy but I haven't tried it myself.
But neither are suitable with coil over kits.

I don't know of any RA40 specific coil over struts available.
You will have to buy one of the generic kits and have it welded onto your struts.

Since you're going to all this trouble, use the generic kit on a pair of RT132 Corona struts.
This Corona has a slave cylinder on either side of the rotor, which gives better brake response (less flexing).
And it has a larger diameter rotor, which gives more brake force.
Even better, you can have it modified to use a vented disc.
Even better again, you can bolt up Hilux 4 spot callipers.
And all of this can be done in stages and they bolt straight up to the Celica suspension, so there's no down side.

Or you can do it to a pair of MX73 struts, which are easier to find and already have vented rotors.
But it only has a single piston sliding caliper (flex) and the Hilux 4 spot callipers do not fit.

- Stepho
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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