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Racing Seat Harness??

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Yeah guys I got a 92 cam.....I just ordered a nice new sparco seat and accessories but how in the hell and where do I mount the harness?? Thanks pics would be devine!
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Sorry all questions answered thanks to youfoolsatemycow(lol just had to spell it for fun) thanks man!!!

Just about every harness Ive seen comes with all the hardware you need. Actually, you dont really need those bolts because you just bolt the harness into factory locations (which already have big, sturdy bolts). I would suggest buying a bolt in harness, as opposed to the snap in type. Here is where they bolt:

4 point- left side bolts into the same location as the factory seatbelt on your lower left. right side will bolt into the spot that holds the part you click the stock belt into. the rear parts, you have to bolt into the locations that the rear lap belts are bolted into.

5 point- basically the same, except for the part that would come up in between your legs through the seat. there is nothing under the seat that you can bolt it to, so you will need to do some drilling of your own for that one.

Id suggest sticking to a 4 point, less of a hassle. Just dont go with a cheapy brand, stick to the good stuff for this one. Sparco, Takata, etc...

What kind of seat did you get?---->BTW I got a sparco seat and I cant wait!!!! I have so many things even my friends here dont know about I cant wait till u guys see my cam now at the canada meet!!!

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Racerhex.... I salute you!

Way to rep the 3vz! Everyone seems to want to swap in 1MZ. Way to stand strong man. :)
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