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racing seats mkIII

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i have purchased a pair of 3a racing seats for my 87 supra but i unfortunately cannot install them because i need seat rails/adapters. anyone know of where to find them? or does anyone even have racing seats in their mkIII?
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does anyone have racing seats in their mkiii's?
I have Recaro SRD seats in my MKIII and the fitting is pain in the ass. I found two pairs of used (trashed) MKIII seats, cut off the bracket and weld then on the recaro rails. THat's the only way to fit them without damaging your own stock seats.

Good Luck,.
I used the Sparco rails and adapters. They fit great, but it sucks for adjusting the height. I'm sure you can find them from any performance shop. Check out
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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