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Rack removal

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Hey guys;

Has anyone ever removed their rack housing? I am to remove mines for repairs at a specialist, i got everything worked out except the part in the repair manual about using a special tool to disconnect the left and right steel tubes from the housing.

I certainly don't have that special tool. is there another tool i can use as substitute? Maybe an adjustable spanner?

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You're talking about removing the tie rod ends from the steering arm, right?

If so, bend/cut off the split pin and loosen the nut 90%, DON'T REMOVE IT. Get out a hammer and hit the steering arm, right next to where the tie rod end sits in the arm. It should pop out - may take a few blows.
naww, not that. there are two metal tubes (main and return) for the power steering fluid supply that go from the ps pump to the rack gear housing. but there are some ends that look like nuts where they connect to the rack gear housing, i checked the manual and it shows a diagram and instructions to use a special tool to pull 'em. but i sure don't have that special tool. so i was wondering what's the next best substitute, if an adjustable wrench would be ok, don't wanna spoil anything. lol.
they might be talking about something similar to a brake line wrench which in a way is also similar to a oxygen sensor ( i think its called a flare nut wrench, not expensive really) wrench but smaller. like this they want you to use those so that there is a smaller chance of rounding off the nut since its a pain in the ass to replace those. the idea is that the wrench is almost a box wrench except that it has a slit for the line to get through, as opposed to a open ended wrench that only has 2 flat contact points.

oh and an adjustable wrench should be like last on your list, they are never really precise unless you maybe get some nasa type. the whole idea is that you dont want to round this nut off since to replace it you would have to cut the line and reflare the line after putting in a non rounded off nut.
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can't a normal open end wrench of that relative size be used since a adjustable spanner is out of the question.
can't a normal open end wrench of that relative size be used since a adjustable spanner is out of the question.
Yes, but you still have a higher chance of stripping the nut.

I have only don't a rack replacement with the motor out, so I don't know exactly how much room is there to work...

Good luck!

270Camry is on the money in regards to the flare nut/c spanner. If you're going to use a normal open ender, make sure it's a descent one. With cheaper no name ones, the initial tolerance isn't as close to the actual size and will increase the chances of you rounding it.

You can always go pick up a set. I got a 3 double ended flare nut spanners for $10 - i'm sure you can find something similar. Otherwise, just attack it with an open ender.

Check out my thread on rack removal/power steering conversion. You should be able to slide the rack out through one of the cut-outs on either side of the chassis for the tie rods, but if you can't then you're going to have to undo the downpipe from the flexible section and drop the crossmember.
okay guys. appreciate the help. i'll post how it goes once i get it out.
a flare nut wrench might not seem like something necessary, and if you are real carefull, pb blast the living shit out of the nut and are patient, it isn't necessary. then again, you don't exactly need a welder or a torque wrench as a tree shade mechanic, but once you have them, you can't think of a single thing to NOT use them on. i swear, get urself a torque wrench one day and soon after every possible thing in you car will be torqued to ALLDATA spec lol. same thing with a welder, hell i almost welded my rear doors shut once just for the hell out it to strip out the doors lol. if u get urself a flare nut wrench, even if it's not a set, you are going to get plenty use out of it on fuel lines, brake lines, rack lines and even other things like air lines on compressors and so on. those tools find a way to make themselves useful and pay for themselves. hope that job goes real well for you, and it's awesome to see how much work you are puttin into your gen2.
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