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radar detector

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Not sure if this one belongs here but i took my best guest. Now the thing is which is the best detector. Would it be possible for a detector just to detect like a squad car somewhere within the area by using GPS?

Most detectors have some of the ugly sirens and warning sounds. I'm looking for one slightly less annoying. Perferded that there is no sounds upon start up. What are the most common features besides the X and Y band detections.

Last question, would you guys think its worth getting one? For a while i was against it saying oh if you speeding and they radar gun you the other thing a radar will detect is that. Its like a early warning before you hear cop sirens. Seeing as how your speeding and you just can't slow down at all. But recently i was in a car with a detector and it was doing its job. It would beep if the gun was remotely close to the car about 1.5 miles around if the gun was on.
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