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Radar/Laser detector for sale(Beltronics Pro RX65) $180 +shipping(or b.o)

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I am selling my used Bel pro rx65 at $180+ shipping (or b.o)
It is perfect working condition.
I bought it from my friend at $200, 2 months ago. It saved me several times.
I should sell it because I am going to sell my car pretty soon.
I have orgianl car charger and suction cups but you need to buy new suction cups(it costs about $8 on ebay). It works but is is old.
If you need to see some pics, please feel free to send me email.
Please check this web site.
Bel- pro rx65 is on best top 10.

Send me email at [email protected]
My location is Bloomington, IN. 47408
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts