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radiator fan doesnt stop, is this normal?

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Hey guys,
Had a little overheating problem with the 92 Celica 2.2L, anyhows, the relay was bad, and the collant temp sensor.

The fan starts when the car starts to get hot, but it doesnt seem to die out till I turn off the car.

Is this normal???

I looked at the wiring diagram and the water temp signal goes through the AC high press switch and then to the relay to fire the positive to the fan.

This is odd to me, I cantfigure out what sort of setup is in the signaling of this fan, becuase the relay is also in sequence with relay #2 & #3. Its out there for me.

I should mention, Im a newbie to Toyota, I just got the car.
Any feedback appreciated.
Thanks a million.
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Is the car still overheating?? Your thermostat might be gone, and its keeping the engine running really warm, causing the fan to stay on. Once the engine is off, the fan stops, cause theres no power going to it.

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Yeap, Fan No.1 (radiator fan) is usually off when de car is cold or below certain temperature, after the car hits that temperature the No.1 fan will go on.
Fan No. 2 (Air Con fan) will start as soon as the Air Con is turned on a will also turn on Fan No.1. BOTH fans will turn OFF as soon as you remove the key from the Ignition, turning it to ACC will turn them back on IF the engine is still too hot.

The reason why the temp sensor is wired to the A/C Preassure switch is becasuse it's a protection circuit.
If engine temp is too high and the A/C is running the ECU will automatically shut down the A/C compressor in order to remove some load off the engine. After normal operating temp is restablish the ECU will put the A/C compressor back on line. It's the Toyota way of saying "hey stupid, you havent seen the temp gauge, the car is overheating and you are making it even worse by using the Air Con; so I'll turn it off now" and that's when the A/C light on the button begin to start flashing.

Hope it helps
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