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Hey there,

So i went and paid $24 to get my oil changed and stuff checked today, and the guy tried to sell me a Radiator Fluid change out thing for $60. He showed me a sample of my radiator fluid, and sure, it didn't look pristine, but i could see through it. He said that a small amount of rust was accumulating in the fluid, and that it would over time cause wear and tear on the radiator tubes or something like that.

I looked at my records - I got the radiator fluid changed out just over a year ago at 68.3k miles (when i bought the car), and now i'm at 81.5k miles. Is this guy blowing smoke? Should I have him change it out? Can I drain it and do it myself?

I found a guide here: - does it seem ok for my car? What fluid should i buy and where should i get it?

I don't really know anything about cars - lay it on me.

Thanks in advance,


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the run through is fine...

Haynes for camry suggests every 30 k or 24 months.

soooo...not necessary for now. but when the time comes, and if you have the space and time, you should do it your self. it's as easy as taking your empty bottle of water down to the quarter drinking water filler at the market as long as you follow directions.

try to use toyota red ( from the dealor)...or just the one from the auto parts will be fine if you don't have access to a dealor

some things i'll add is.... (if you do it anyways on your own) check your hoses, top and bottom to see if they are worn or not and to see if your thermostat is due for a change. When you go to put in a some distilled water to use (from the grocery store)...[umm..flush with the garden hose..fill-to keep with the distilled]

edit: and lastly...umm...i'm thining there is a drain cock for the engine block might want to hit that up..but i think the flush would take care of it.

editx2: ... haynes or the other manual is your friend and a fine investement ...great walk throughs
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