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radiator help

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I ordered a new radiator from my local NAPA store and it came in today. Got it home and out of the box, its a rad for an auotmatic, mine is 5 speed. So the question it, do I take it back and wait 2 weeks for another rad (mine is SHOT) of can I just run a hose from the inlet line to the outlet line to make a continuous loop and forget about it ?

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Why not just plug the coolant line for the auto box with something? it's easier than running lines mate
yeah, and just a little fyi on the 4th gens they all have the tranny cooler. the manuals just have plugs on the ends
just run the hose, it will just recirculate the coolant. Did it on mine, no problems.
Pretty much all aftermarket rads have a tranny cooler in them, that way they don't need to make two rads for the same car. You don't have to do anything with the tranny cooler lines. You can just leave them open.
yeah Intelligent like I am, ralized that ATF would run through those hoses, not collant. LOL !!!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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