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Radio does not light up or work...

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My 1997 avalon xls radio stopped working years ago and does not light up, however, my heating controls, clock and other buttons around the radio light up and work. I have read the user manual over and over again as well as read so much into this and I cannot find a single person with the same problem as me. The fuse is not blown and I read that there is a 3 digit security code you can use to reactivate the radio if done right? Everything in the car is original meaning no aftermarket parts, I cant stand having no radio and cant help but wonder if resetting the security code will make the radio work again? Please help, I'm a 31 year old woman who works full time and doesnt know too much about these kind of things. Thank you
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If the radio doesn’t light up at all, then it’s probably dead. Here’s the procedure:



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