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Radio problem

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Hi, my friend owns a 97 corolla and he keeps getting problems with his radio. When he hits the gas, the sound starts working but as soon as he brakes the speakers stop working (the radio seems to be still running and we even tried with a second headunit just to make sure and found the same problem).

Does anybody has the same problem and any ideas what could be the source of this malfunction.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks alot!
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my bet is a fuse. check your fuses. either that or one the wires is bare and its touching metal somewhere. check that too.
I have never heard of this kind of thing.
i would check the speaker wires (front and rear speakers). If they are attached nicely, try checking the wiring behind the radio.
speaker wires AND DASH WIRING. whenever i turned on my lights, my speakers would go dead. i wired all the speakers etc. myself so naturally - i fixed this problem myself.

check online.
Well, I know much of radios in cars. This problem is the radio fuse. if the radio have a own fuse, check this, and put a sound filter before the able of energy for the radio. Maybe the Radio have a bad cables between the radio and the speakers, or between the radio and the energy. Test the cable energy, if not have 10v, you have a problem.
Could be a million different things. Best to get it work while stationery!
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