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I was driving to work today in my 2010 corolla Ce and then when I went to change the radio station the radio turned off, and cd ejected. After i turned the radio back on everything seemed to work properly but the screen is super dim... anyone know what's going on?

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only time my CD ejected without my input
was when I disconnected the battery once.

So I might assume the radio would do that
if for some reason it lost full power (12v) supplied by the battery.

Not sure why it's gone dim tho'
Maybe that's a default setting after a power loss ?

Maybe you are having an intermittent connectivity issue
and only partial power (voltage) is being supplied ?

How old is the car's battery ?
Possibly that is going south ?

Check the battery's voltage static = 12.5v plus
Check that the alternator is charging = 13.8v - 14v
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