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Radio wire harness color code reference chart for gen2 camry

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I noticed that when i was looking for the color codes for my stereo install, that there weren't any listed on this site (or any other site that were 100% correct), so what i did was buy the harness adapter, plugged it into the harness from the car and wrote down what all the wires do. Then i just spliced them, hooked them all up and returned the harness adapter to the store..hehe

Anyways, just thought it could be of some use to someone who doesn't want to buy one of those harness adapters.

These are from the 10-pin harness coming from the car :

green ----------------------- Illumination
pink/blue and black/red -- Power Antenna (splice both of these wires into the one power antenna wire from the cd deck)
brown ---------------------- ground
blue/yellow ---------------- 12V constant
Grey ----------------------- 12V switched
purple --------------------- left front (-)
pink ----------------------- left front (+)
blue ----------------------- right front (-)
light green ---------------- right front (+)

These are from the 6-pin harness coming from the car :

yellow ---------------------- left rear (-)
black ----------------------- left rear (+)
white ----------------------- right rear (-)
red ------------------------- right rear (+)

****note**** - after you hook everything up , there will be one wire left over that you will not use. I cannot remember what color it is, but just tape it up so it isnt exposed.
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Ya, I saw the ones on when I was looking to install my stereo, but they weren't correct...or even close. The chart on the actual post is correct though.

Too bad I couldn't find that then, it would have saved me a lot of trouble...right in the audio/video forum...who woulda thought j/

Oh well, i thought I was contributing something...its the thought that counts right? Anyways, mods, feel free to delete this post if you like.
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