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Ragtop Camry !?!?!?!?

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So i was driving down the street when there it was... a ragtop gen3 camry. I couldnt believe my eyes. It was white with a tan-ish color top. Was this a limited time option or do you think the guy had it specially done. I mean there was nothing else noticable done to the car - looked very stock. Anyone here seen anything like that?
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Some dealerships install these, they're called "sim-con" or simulated-convertible roofs. They're not really convertibles, they just look the part. Personally they make me want to :barf:

yeah i could tell it wasnt really a convertible. I didnt know dealers did that. Or that they were allowed to do that to cars. i know bmw throws a fit if dealers do anything to their cars. Personally i was attracted to it because I'd never seen that before, but I agree with you 87 Camry5Speed, its not very nice looking.
I've seen em too. Gen3, 4 and 5 none of them look good imho.

btw this has been brought up many times on TN in the past.
Yeah, I brought it up a while back.

They are a roof cover. It's really weird. But I have seen the same thing for older caprice's. It just slides over the roof and looks really dumb. That's about all it does.
all thanks to gulf states toyota - you source for ghetto parts!
i think i saw one too

i took a pic, is this what youre talking about?

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thats it, only dif. color! had to look closer to see if it were a camry. Could that pole next to it have anymore lights?!
yea it looks like crap to me too. only a very few cars look good as convertibles, otherwise, to me it gives it a sense of cheapness:disappoin

yea we have lots of lights here in dallas, haha, how many do yall have?

top to bottom: red, yellow, green, yellow left arrow, green left arrow
yeah they look pretty bad. wouldnt mind seeing a camry with the top down. photoshop any one???
lights in baltimore look like this


red yellow arrow, etc. (red is centered at top)
dont know what that one in the picture has 6 for.
that would be phat if they made a camry/solara drop top roadster...imagine rollbarring a family car.

Gen 3 droptop would look hella like an S2k from the back (personally I think Honda bit that style, but Honda usually takes a Toyota design and makes it LOOK better - ie Acura TSX)
The lady who parks next to me in my lot has a 2001 White LE with a beige ragtop.. Its badged as a desingers edition or something.... She bought it brand new. Her steering locked the other day because she shifted it and she was freaking out because she couldnt turn the key. She was having a heart-attack so I helped her which took just a shake of the wheel :rolleyes: In the process I couldnt help but notice she only had 4,609 miles on it and its a 2001 !!!
But remember, it would be great if you... wanted too... protect your roof from weather?? Whaaa???
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