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Raise 2WD front end?

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Torsion bars on my 87 2WD.
How can I get any more lift from the stock front end? Just looking for an inch or two. Too lowriderish as it is right now.

I can always add a leaf in the rear.
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Your front ride height is adjustable.
Look at a manual.
Crank it up and see if you get enough from the stock bars.
There are aftermarket bars made to handle the weight of a v-8 engine, winch, and heavy bumper. They should put you up where you want to be.
they make a lift spindle that raises the fron 4 inches and allows for 31 inch tires on the 89-95's i think they make the same piece for your model also. i think they are about 311 bux and youll need to extend your brake lines. you can crank the tortion bars up but you wont get very much maby an inch plus it will ride rough as shit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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