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06 Tacoma with 227k. Well maintained but certain things have never been touched because they've never been an issue. Anyways, I recently started to experience a very concerning noise which I suspect is coming from somewhere in the drivetrain. I don't know what it is. So far, it's been completely random. Here is what I know...

1. Sometimes it's soft and subtle while other times it's loud and abrupt.
2. Sometimes it is felt in the front end and sometimes only in the rear end.
3. It happens when I'm either on the throttle or off the throttle (i.e. coasting).
4. Happens at high speeds (40+) and low speeds (less than 10).
5. Can happen on a long drive or a short drive.
6. Happens under any conditions (cold, warm or hot).
7. I have not had it happen yet in 4wd but I've only used 4wd for short testing periods and not for any great length of time.
8. Truck still shifts fine and RPM's do not fluctuate.

I don't know if it is related or not but the only issue that I recently experienced prior to this "unknown drivetrain noise" was a stiff shifter about 75% of the time. I took apart the console and cleaned everything real well. It was dirty as a 15 year old shifter console should be but nothing major. I attempted to get some oil inside of the cable itself but I don't think it penetrated through the outer jacket in any of the spots that I tried. I also redistributed some of the white grease inside of the shifting gate as best as I could without disconnecting the shifter and taking it completely apart and out of the truck. Since I've put it back together, I have not experienced a stiff shifter like before. It feels slightly stiff maybe only 10% of the time but nowhere near the stiffness that I had experienced prior.

Any guesses on what my random and unknown drivetrain noise could be?

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Sound clip? You’ve given me lots of information, but nothing really useful. Is your neighborhood cat misding?
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