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*rant* buying a camry

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so we saw this sweet 3rd gen... really clean, i test drove it and all. My parents were going later during the day to seal the deal... well my dad calls him half hour before the appointment like the guy had asked us to do and now he said the alternator went bad and he wants to replace it before he sells it.....

okay, so the car has been sittin on the side of the street all week. He lets me drive it on the freeway and roads and the car started up fine and no problem. He doesn't even drive the car anymore because he had his own car... now all of a sudden the alternator died? freakin if he wants to hold off or sell it to someone else, why can't people just say it. Not like he's ever gonna see us again. So frustrating! :mad:
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nadir said:
yeah, looks like i am the asshole after all. The guy called back and asked us to come take a look at the car again. He showed me the bad alternator and the one that's in there. We test drove it again and it was okay. Got the car for 4500 (96 LE I4, 112k miles, really clean condition).

The car isn't for me... for my brother. BUT, like every other car i can get my hands on, it's time to mod this one lol.

here's a pic of it. I need to run my polishes and orbital on it to get the paint back to it's full potential and it should be good to go for my brother. I plan to jump on some deals with clear corners, clear bumpers, front strut bar, red-out tails, and new audio. Glad to see such a great forum packed with good info.
Clear bumpers???
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