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1998 Avalon XLS
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On my 1998 Avalon, if the turn signal was not engaged all the way, or sometimes for no reason at all, the turn signal click noise would sound rapidly until the switch was toggled several times. I fixed this problem as it drove me crazy and I've decided to write a little about it as no one has.

It is the headlight switch that needs to be replaced. The good news is you don't need to remove the steering wheel to do so, just the steering column cover.

First thing you need to do is get a replacement headlight switch, I got one used from eBay for $27 shipped, but nobody sells Avalon parts, so what I did was use a cross reference chart provided by Rock Auto to figure out what other models it would work from. I included a screenshot of how to get to the chart as it saved me $70 by buying the part used.

Once you have the replacement switch it's just three screws to remove the steering column cover (if you ask me it should be a lot more, as most people who have had there car stolen know, once the steering column cover is off, consider the car hot wired). Once the cover is off it's a few more screws and a plug-n-play switch, reassemble, and the problem is solved.

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