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Rav4 '04 Price

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I'm considering of buying a toyota RAV4 AWD auto '04 and is wondering what you guys pay for your RAV4? What's a good bargaining price and what should my price goal be? Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts has been pretty accurate as to what people pay in YOUR area. Just go to edmunds, choose the tranny you like, choose the trim/options. Then get a TMV (true market value) and see the invoice price. I know since that 05's are here, you get the best deals on 04's. If you can qualify for any type of toyota financing, then that would be your best bet....also, always pay for the car LOWER than invoice..and let the dealership make money on the options (ie. tell them you'll pay options at dealer cost)...stick with a number (that you researched). I got a great deal on a new 01 solara in feb 02. Good luck!
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