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rav4 compression test results

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i am looking at an 07 rav4 limited 4wd v6 to purchased used from a toyota dealer. i requested a compression test and the numbers are:

2-4-6 = 145 148 145
1-3-5 = 150 145 145.

Aren't these numbers a little low for a vehicle with only 60 000Km?

if anyone could help me before we complete the deal i would appreciate it.


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BTW the test was done at the dealership and the sales rep says it is within toyota canada specs but i cannot verify it online.
Yes it does seem a bit low, but it might be right. My book only goes upto 2006 so I don't know what the correct value is. A vacuum test will confirm if there is a problem!
Sorry for my ingnorance but What is a vacuum test? could you kindly explain what that would reveal and what the test entails

Also what are the specs for the 20006 v6? its the same engine so it should be close ..?

thanks OzRAv
Have a look at this -

The book says for 2001 and later is 12.7 bar. Which is about 180psi. But my book only covers the 3SFE and the 1AZFE petrol engines and the 1CDFTV diesel.

However, I still agree the 145psi seems low...Might be a good idea to keep looking around. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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