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Hey Everyone,

After driving a Honda Civic for almost 10 years and 200k's I decided to join Toyota Nation and bought a brand new 2009 Rav4. Loved it when I got it but have had nothing but problems with the vehicle and the dealership where I bought it, Paul Coffey's Bolton Toyota. I'm here because I am frustrated with the service I'm getting from the dealership and have been forced to open a case with Toyota Canada. I'll be posting my well documented history with Bolton Toyota and the issues I have had and am having. Hopefully I can get some insight into what else I could do to try and get my vehicle fixed.

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Hello, Rico, welcome to Toyota Nation! Sorry to hear your RAV4 has been giving you problems. My two Toyotas have given me nothing but stellar service since I bought them. I'd recommend that you post any insights into the RAV4 to the RAV4 forum, and any complaints or warnings about that dealership to the Feedback: Buyers, Sellers, and Vendors. No two dealerships are the same, I'd definitely shop around and find a better one, or better still locate a private mechanic who does good work for a reasonable price. :thumbsup:
Welcome to the forums, Rico! :hi:

All the best with getting your car fixed by Toyota. Let us know how you get on :thumbsup:

Enjoy the forums! :chug:
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