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RAV4 rims for 2002 Camry LE!!

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My Car: 2002 Camry LE
15" steel rim factory standard
tire size 205/65/15, factory standard

My tires are gone and hub caps get stolen all the time. So I figured out better buy a set of alloy wheels and purchase a new set of tires.

I have purchased a set of 16" Toyota factory alloy wheels that belonged to a 2001 RAV4. For this rim I am trying to find a matching tire. recommends tire size 215/70/16 for this set of wheels or gives an option for 235/60/16.

I am planning to buy my tires from Costco. Price seem to be reasonable and they offer lifetime balance/rotation for the tire. Any comments or recommendation for a better national chain.

Costco sells Michelin Hydroedge tires size 215/60/16. Would this fit on my Toyota Camry 2002? should I expect any problems? Do I need a new set of lugs and stem valves?

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i would do re check that cause your getting 16inchers so i doubt you'll need the tires that tall
Tire choice.

2wickedtoyz, thanks for your suggestion. I double checked Costco web site and they have a 215/55/16. Then I went to this site ... ... and compared 215/55/16 with the original size and they came to the same diameter. My main objective is to find a tire that give a good wet and snow performance. On top be a good dry performer and be quite. Michelin HydroEdge seem to have all that and with a $50 rebate, Costco could fit my car in about $400.

Any comments?

215 60 16R are what factory Camrys ride on.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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