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I recently purchased a pristine 1995 JDM Toyota Cynos (Paseo) Alpha Juno with the 1.3L 4E-FE engine and 4-speed C140 manual transmission. The Cynos has logged only 33,101 miles and was purchased at ‘The Import Guys’ in Ferndale, Washington, whom I highly recommend.

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The ‘95 Cynos will serve as my part-time Daily Driver, spirited canyon-carver and an occasional Track-day toy.

The purpose of this thread is to document and share the modifications, results and ultimately the path that I take modifying this vehicle.
So, it should be interesting or, at the very least, somewhat entertaining.

But first, have you driven an authentic RHD JDM vehicle?
Well, up until a couple days ago, I hadn’t.

It’s definitely awkward and takes a little getting used to. I initially thought shifting with my left hand would be the oddest thing I’d encounter while driving this car but, it’s not.
Hilariously, using the turn signal and windshield wipers take the most getting used to. They’re on the opposite sides! The windshield wipers are on the left and the turn signals are on the right. I found myself constantly hitting the wipers when trying to signal. It’s quite frustrating but, ultimately, pretty darn funny too.

What about the rear view mirror? Well, that’s weird too. Instead of looking to the right, you have to look left. Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s the little things that make the driving experience so different. Plus, there’s no indication of MPH, only KPH, so I have absolutely no idea how fast I’m going. Apparently, on my first drive home, I was driving pretty fast according to co-workers. US spec cars typically have MPH with KPH markers, not so here.

Quite possibly the most dangerous aspect of driving a RHD vehicle on US roads is making sure you position the car properly in your lane and you don’t cross over into oncoming traffic. It can be a challenge but, I got this!

I’m very much enjoying the driving experience and thought I’d share.

The only issue I’ve identified thus far with the vehicle, is a vibration felt through the steering wheel at idle.
I’ll be resolving this issue with new engine mounts, the rear mount being the main culprit.

Alright! Let’s get on with it! On to the real point of this thread, modifications!!!

I will be adding and I have on order;

Shift Knob
Steering Wheel

In addition to the modifications listed above, I’ll be adding a Custom Turbo Setup with Intercooler and Exhaust which will very likely be tuned by a Standalone ECU I previously purchased for another project.

I’ll be working on this vehicle in my spare time so it’s difficult to determine when or how often I’ll be updating the thread but I hope to keep it moving forward on a regular basis.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned…

It is so funny to hear about you getting used a right hand drive car, here in Australia, all our cars are right hand drive, so importing from Japan is easy as they drive on the left like we do...

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By the way - isn't that a 96? First of that 2nd Gen. Plus it should be a 5EFE, if you're lucky it's a 5EFHE. 1.5 ltr. If you are trying to do 35mph in the states, it's 60kph. If you are doing highway speeds of 55 - that's 100kph, if it's 65mph more like 110kph, just so you keep to the speed limit.
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