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Re: 1998 Camry engine splash cover

The metal shield was probably taken off for access or other reasons.
Not sure about some don't come with them. But get one from the junk
yard and put it on. I'm sure it'll be cheap enough. ;)

Jay wrote:
> I recently purchased a 98' Camry LE and noticed that there is no cover
> or splash shield under the front of the engine. The Toyota parts
> breakdown shows a cover they call the engine under cover. I was told
> by one salvage yard owner that not all Camrys had these shields in
> place. I have looked under two other Camrys and both had a metal
> shield in place. Can anyone with a 97' to 01' Camry reply if they do
> or don't have this shield. I've tried online to find one but no luck
> so far. Any help would be appreciated
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