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Re: 2007 Camry Transmission Problems Fixed?

I found a TSB on the LE-4cyl,

and for the V6

I will go back to Toyota and ask them for the EG056-06

On Jan 8, 4:14 pm, "Laker" <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I have been complaining about the erratic behavior of my 2007 V6
> Camry's automatic transmission since the second day I owned it. On
> three visits to two dealers I was told that they couldn't find a
> problem with it. I also called Toyota twice and got no answers. I
> finally gave up and have been living with it since late summer.
> Now I read in the Boston Globe (link below) that there was a fix in
> September for similar behavior. Does anyone know any details about this
> fix? Has anyone had it done to their Camry? Any comments about the
> article?
> I'm getting ready to go back to the dealer yet again but I'd like to
> have as much info as I can first. Thanks.
> Excerpt by Royal Ford, Boston Globe Staff | January 8, 2007
> A woman from Milburn, N.J., was fearful of her new car -- and said so
> on the website
> "We got a new 2007 Camry in August. From day one the car does not shift
> properly," the woman wrote. "Sometimes when you push the accelerator it
> hesitates . . . then jerks. It can be dangerous if you think you have
> enough time to cross a street and car does not move."
> The first hint of a widespread problem? Apparently.
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