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Re: 4Runner blower problems

"Alex" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected]
> Hi folks,
> I'm trying to troubleshoot a non-working fan on a '91 4-Runner and was
> wondering if someone can offer some tips. (The fan in question is the
> inside blower fan/AC.) It no longer comes on. This happens at ALL
> speeds, includiing the highest. I've checked whatever fuses I could
> think of and even have given the 'CDS FAN' relays a few wacks with a
> screwdriver, just in case they got stuck... No luck.
> I've taken off the glove compartment and gotten to the motor, but am
> not really sure what to look for there. I've disconnected what appears
> to be the power supply wire to the motor and, with the fan switch
> turned all the way up, hooked up a voltmeter to all the terminals,
> every which way I could think of. I can't seem to register a voltage
> there. (BTW, should I still expect to read somewhere around 12V DC
> there, just like I do at the battery?) This seems to imply that
> there's no power to the motor, which would then rule out the motor
> itself. However, I'm:
> 1. Not 100% convinced that I'm measuring voltage in the right place and
> in the right manner
> 2. Even if I am, am not sure where to go look for the problem at this
> point.
> I've also done my best at trying to measure voltage across the relay
> terminals (again, CDS FAN #1 & 2, with the engine running and fan
> switch all the way to ON). And again, I've been unable to register any
> kind of voltage, but am not sure that I'm doing it correctly.
> (Measuring across the 'already ON' terminals, not the switched ones.)
> Can someone offer some ideas to try next? Could it be the switch
> itself? Is there an easy way to test that theory? Should I just get
> the right relays and try those? (Are the CDS FAN the right relays?
> Where can I get them?) I've also read some references in this group to
> a blower resistor pack on the motor, but it sounds like since the motor
> won't come on even at highest speed, when the current should flow
> directly to it, this may not be the culprit.
> Please help before I do any more damage. I know just enough to cause a
> blackout in the neighborhood. :)
> Thanks in advance,
> Alex

If you print #37 at this link it should help: should have a complete repair manual and more for your truck there online and free.

GL Dan
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