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Re: 90 Celica hard to start, clicks 4-5 times then turns over, battery good

"TeGGer®" <[email protected]> wrote:

>"User" <[email protected]> floridly penned in
>news:[email protected]:
>> My 90 Celica is getting hard to start. In the morning it takes me at
>> least 4-5 "clicks" then a few clicks and a "I want to turn over"
>> before it finally turns over like it should, nice and strong. I had
>> the battery checked and it's good. Tomorrow I'm going to loosen
>> everything connected to the battery and retighten them hoping it's
>> just a bad connection. If this doesn't work, any suggestions?
>> Thank you for any help you can offer...

>Starter contacts, I'll bet. Standard Toyota problem.
>The dealer sells a "stud kit" to fix this.

Yep...what he said...

(use gordon in email)
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