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Re: 98 Camry LE at 100K miles

Ajanta wrote:
> I have a 98 Camry 6 cylinder (LE?), auto transmission. I got it when it
> had 70K miles. It just reached 100K, a psychological marker that made
> me wonder: what preventive maintenance should I be thinking about?

See the Factory Service Manual Maintenance section:
I have found actually owning the paper bound version of the Factory
Service Manual extremely helpful and use it frequently. That is your
ultimate authority on proper service and repair procedures, so if
you're doing your own work it lets you know how to do it correctly.
Found mine on eBay after repeatedly searching over a period of time.
Now that I know how useful it has become, I would probably be willing
to pay retail price to get them.
Common preventative maintenance items are timing belt. water pump, oil
seals, fluids, but you'll probably find some more esoteric items in the
FSM. For example I also found the Burrough's belt tension gauge on eBay
so I can set the A/C belt tension to 130 lbs. +/- 10 as per the book,
and have a smaller click type gauge to set the power steering belt 80
You might be surprised how easy it is to be off considerably by
guessing from belt deflection.
You can accumulate tools as you go. Really don't need many special
tools, although an air compressor and air gun are very helpful.
This assumes you want to keep the car a long time.
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