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Re: Alternate Fuel Cars

"Mike Hunter" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> Why in the world do you think the US government should take money from one
> taxpayer like you, who may not even be in a position to buy a new car or
> properly maintain their used car, and give it to another taxpayer to buy a
> ANY vehicle that burns a fuel that is already heavily subsided, let alone
> one made in another county, like the Pruis by a company like Toyota, that
> does not pay a penny in US Corporate taxes? ;)

So, are you suggesting that we should end the subsidies on gasoline?

And what exactly, are the subsidies you are talking about?

For income tax, don't the Toyota subsidies pay US income tax and state
income tax on the net income the sunsidies make? Those are US companies, but
owned by Toyota.

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