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Re: Check engine light codes p0441 and p0446

Check the Codes here,

P0441 Evaporative Emission Control System Incorrect Purge Flow

P0446 Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit

Why in Hell would anybody replace an O2 Sensor to clear either of these
codes? The trouble is most commonly related to a leak in the gas cap, or if
the car is older, a leak in one of the hoses that serve to vent the system.

"JohnStyner" <[email protected]> wrote in
message news:[email protected]
> I have read many horror stories on the internet about these 2 codes
> having people replace on their corolla:
> gas cap, charcoal canister sensor, O2 sensor both before and after
> converter and vacume switching valve. And after paying hundreds to over
> 1000 dollars and still not correcting the check engine light problem.
> Disconecting the battaery makes it go out but it comes back on again
> after the computer cycles after 100- 150 mi.
> I know some black tape will over the light will fix it but it will fail
> emissions in PA. Reseting the compter will also cause it to fail
> emissions.
> Some people say toyota dealers never fix the problem and don't know how
> to.
> My question is how can I get this light to go out on my 1999 corolla
> diagnosed with these 2 codes and not go through the unecessary expense
> that these people have gone through? If anyone can solve this problem
> for me I would be very happy.
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> JohnStyner
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