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Re-clothing an interior

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Hey guys,

This is my first post as a member. I've been around for awhile and i have a red 93 gen3 camry 3.0L V6. I'm finally gonna get it to drive down to my college in philly and i wanna redo my interior. Is there a way I can do this myself and if so, what parts can i do? I was thniking about doing the doors and the seats (w/ covers) but what about the roof? should i even bother dealing wit that?

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You might want to google some prefixed interior pieces for the gen3 camry. :)
try a toyota parts website
More specifically re-clothing

just so everyone knows, i wanna re-cloth my interior...everything else (dash, trim, etc.) can come later :)
I know they sell leather kits on ebay. They are the kits that the dealerships use when some wants leather as an option. They are somewhat pricey though.
If you get seat covers its best to let a trim shop install them for a more OEM look.
at this point, I would say that if you just want new cloth on seats, try a junk yard and see if you can strip a car for its interior...if its in better condition than yours that is......:p:
yo...where r u goin to school down in philly?...thats where i uncle runs a upholstery shop down here if you want someone to do it for you...
Sounds cool

Yo big_p...gimme ur uncle's shop addy n website if he has one so i can check it out
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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