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Re: Danish scientist: Global warming is a myth

In article <[email protected]>,
"Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute" <[email protected]> wrote:

> In message news:[email protected], BlueD sprach forth the
> following:
> > I don't think that even if the scientific results about global warming
> > are incorrect lowering our "footprint", not only the CO2 one, is a bad
> > idea. I would love the idea of my grandkids having some wild nature
> > left to see and explore.

> There's more forest in the US now than 100 years ago, thanks to the types
> of technology you Birkenstockers want to outlaw.

and more freshwater fish, more birds in the air and so many deer the
state DNR has to shoot them because they are becoming a nuisance to some
homeowners. Thirty years ago I never saw a Bald Eagle, today they fly
over my house. Yes, the environment is far far better today than years
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