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Re: Doing good oil change only at 5K servicing make a warranty concern with new 4 runner ?

"Barry" <[email protected] the remove> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
>I am about to bring my 4runner in for its first 5K servicing. I have
> decided to use a close by, well regarded and large mechanic shop for
> the oil change, even though I could do it myself, so as to reduce any
> concern about warranty problems. It is clear that that is how I will
> do the oil change.
> The head of the mechanic shop said that it was not really necessary to
> take the tires off and check the brakes, as they should be fine, with
> no other indications of concern.
> Two of the tires have already been rotated to change to a new tire to
> replace a bulge in one tire.
> The question is - would not rotating the tires and not doing a brake
> inspection make a problem with the warranty, since the owners book
> references inspecting the brakes at 5K ?

No, there is no warranty concern. These items are warranted against defects,
not against normal wear and tear. Most of the inspect stuff is to avoid
manufacturer liability or to drum up business for the dealer.

Even if you did not perform required maintenance (checking is not
maintenance) on one item, it has no affect on the warranty of other items in
your car.

You can safely change the oil yourself and maintain warranty requirements if
you keep adequate receipts and documentation. I would strongly recommend
synthetic oil, or at the very least a synthetic blend.
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