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Re: Engine Startup Question

You were not as observant then as you have become now.

Turn the ignition to ON, not START, and all of the various lights should
come on for a self-test period. If you have been in the habit of simply
turning the key from OFF to Start, then you might have missed this.

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> This may sound like a silly question....but here goes. When my car was
> new and I turned the key to start the engine, the only thing that would
> light up on the dashboard was the icon showing the seatbelt was
> fastened (or not). As time went by, that changed and when I turned on
> the ignition to start I would get a quick flash of the battery, the
> seat belt and something else....all on the left side. Then when I
> started having problems with the check light I noticed that it was
> joining the others....I am not saying these things stay on but they
> just quickly flash on and off.
> After my car was fixed, it started over with just the seatbelt icon
> flashing. Now it's back to all of the icons flashing. My husband's
> car is older and his various icons always flash on when he turns on the
> engine. Same thing in my old Taurus (which is why I noticed it when my
> car was new and it didn't happen).
> Do you'll ge this quick flash of icons when you start your car? Is it
> a sign something else is about to go out.? Just wondered.
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