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Re: Have you ever changed a battery this way?

Bryan wrote:

> I need to replace the battery in my '97 4Runner and I have never had the
> code for the radio. It wasn't in the owners manual and it was a few years
> after I bought it that I noticed. The dealer hasn't been helpful so
> before paying them to look up the code or tell me the default one, I ought
> to at
> least try replacing it as explained below. I know they know the code
> because they replaced the last battery and it came back fine. I'll go
> elsewhere to buy my next Toyota.
> I was thinking that I could take my deep-cycle trolling battery (12 volts
> of course) and hook it up to the battery cables in parallel before
> removing
> them off the old battery. That should keep the voltage the same and power
> available while I install the new battery. I understand the importance if
> "being careful" and not shorting the connections. It shouldn't be very
> tough and you could probably do it with jumper cables if careful.
> What do you think?

I do this regularly (well, as regularly as I change batteries. I often do
this with carefully insulated connectors when i need to temporarily remove
the battery to get to a part under the bonnet.

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