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Re: Head Up Displays (Was: I got a new Prius)

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Re: Head Up Displays (Was: I got a new Prius)

"Andrew Stephenson" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> In article <[email protected]>
> [email protected] "fish" writes:
>> Next thing you know, they will invent a video display that
>> appears as a transparency that overlaps your front windshield.
>> What will they think of next!

> Head Up Display -- HUD. Old hat in the air forces of this world.
> ISTR hearing of experiments in cars. Major problem, I expect, is
> to create a reflection of the right shape, brightness and clarity
> on a car's windscreen glass -- cheaply and reliably enough, while
> able to interface with whoever sits in the driver's seat.
> --

Bring back the ashtrays!
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