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Re: Headlight assembly replacement for a 2000 Corolla CE

On Wed, 14 Mar 2007 23:52:16 -0700, BlueD wrote:

> Hi everyone, can anyone tell me if there's any reflector replacement in
> the market for a 2000 Corolla compatible with HID lights? My wife's car
> needs new lights, since the plastic of the old ones is blurry and not
> transparent anymore, I was thinking about pimping the car a little bit
> (and improving safety as well).
> thanks!

Unless someone makes an HID system specifically designed for this car, you
might be throwing money away. If you've noticed, Aftermarket HID systems
are disappearing from the market, because unless it is aimed properly, the
light is scattered and not focused like it should be.

You can go to a parts store and get a kit with polish, a cloth, and
optical epoxy. You buff the lens, and then apply the epoxy. I have not
tried this myself; I scrapped the only vehicle that needed this treatment
before I did it. Others have said it works well.

Or, you can contact Keystone and Certi-fit and get a replacement's going to be fairly expensive, but I'm betting a lot less than
an HID upgrade!

If you really want to go HID, look on the web for a reputable manufacturer
that makes a kit for your car. Expect to pay ~$1200 for a system.

And, I don't know what the bulbs are in my Scion, but they are bright as
hell! I get people flashing me when the lights are on Low Beam! Contact a
Toyota/Scion dealer and ask them what bulbs they use in the Scion tC.
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