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Re: help with Corolla horn, won't stop!!!!!

"Osiris88" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> Hi. I rented a Corrola for a week and for some reason the stupid horn
> just starts beeping for no reason. It did a while ago and finally
> stopped, then it did again and kept going. I went outside to check it
> out and it was still beeping and the blinkers were flashing. What is
> going on??? I couldn't find anything wrong when I got in. I started
> the car, and the beeping stopped, so I came back in. For all I know it
> will start beeping again.
> Thanks for any help.

How about simply returning the rental car to the agency and getting another
car (meanwhile telling the agency of your displeasure and inconvenience of
having to return it and asking for some compensation (read: a partial refund
of your rental fee!). Why screw around with it when it isn't even your
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